Learn what holds you and your team back when the KILLING practices are in play!

Have you or has someone on your team become Check Doubt?
Is someone playing Ms Ava Lanche and burying the team with tasks?
How about Saba Tour?  Is she wearing a mask and sabotaging results?

What we offer:


  • New insights on the ways the current business practices interact with the spirit energy of creative individuals and how that impacts the teams we work with and the results generated.


  • A non-judgemental, safe place with open minded, heart-centred coaching available to discuss how choice shows up for you and possible ways to access new choices.


  • A set of tools and practices proven to unleash creative energy in a way that generates new, innovative results for your business.


With a shared intention to connect flows of spirit energy that will enable individuals with shared purposes to work together co-generating new practices and ways of being in our work, that unleash our joyful spirit energy and create new ways of contributing to new results that increase our sense of fulfillment and peace.


Will you join us to create an Eh Bun Dance of creative energy and new life and business realities that enhance life's joys?

For more detail on the characters and the underlying practices in play that trigger survival brain responses, take part in the Interactive Seminar Series.  Discover choices you never thought you had that provide you with new coping skills, ways to manage or eliminate negative stress, ways to work better with your team members and ways to create happiness, joy and fulfillment in all aspects of your life!
Discover who is really running the show and what choices you have to shift to a more powerful space that unleashes innovative thinking for you and your team(s).
Choose from the Game of Choice deck your inner dialogue characters that are running the show.  Lay them down to see if one is contributing to another one.
Turn over each card to discover choice to stay in character or to shift.
Ninja Level:  Play the game with your work team or family to see how you can help each other generate more fun and fulfilling days by escaping survival brain hijacks.
Enhance the learning experience, connect closer to the characters, share the learning with others.  Make it fun to learn and absorb together!

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"Before I started working with Sharon, I felt like I was always running behind the bus, trying to catch up.  Sharon’s clarity and insight produced a clear and concise statement of who I am in the world.  Our work together has given me insight into the things that are most meaningful for me and tools for making powerful decisions to move my business forward while honouring who I am and what is important to me. This process has been grounding, and I feel better equipped to prioritize and craft a life that is meaningful, powerful and healthy.

I highly recommend Sharon’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Coaching."

Annemarie Shrouder

"In my capacity as a newly appointed Information Governance Advisor at a large multinational oil and gas firm in the Alberta oilpatch, I was very privileged to work with Sharon.  Together we used her extensive knowledge of leadership, as well as her practical hands-on expertise to develop a wealth of resources and reference materials for all levels of our organization."

A Valued Client

Through her coaching, Sharon’s wisdom and entrepreneurial advice provided new inspiration to drive me to be a stronger more confident entrepreneur and business strategist capable of heading into production and global distribution of our product. Prior to meeting Sharon, I was at an important yet vulnerable position in my business. For 1.5 years I had been making advances with my own initiative, however, I had reached a level in which I required clarity and a surge to advance to the next difficult level.   The insecurities needed to be squashed, if I was to succeed!    After all, "an innovative brain is nothing without the confidence to unleash it!”  Sharon was instrumental in providing clarity that helped to unleash my confidence, build up my incredible perseverance, and enhance my inner strength.  Going to battle with the 'big boys' requires a special confidence, courage and creativity.   


Initiated by her book recommendation of The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong, and a new recognition of the masculine and feminine strengths and differences in business, I was able to pivot to a position of empowered strength.   Sharon's shared leadership energy force is highly effective in positioning me to a higher, NO BARRIERS level as she generates fresh energy, confidence and courage! 


Dr. Marien J. Zanyk, Ph. D., W2 Designs,LLC producers of Willow Workout® Freeform Exercise Device


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