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Unleashing Innovation

Embrace the insights from You're Not a Nail and Confirm or Reset your beliefs to practice in new ways

And what if you don't have time to read all the books you'd like to in order to start using new practices?  Why not start with a series of seminars that get to the heart of the new practices discussed in the book?  Your time is valuable.  Each seminar will get you started quickly, generating new team flow and new business results. 


Add on a set or two of The Game of Choice that lets you lay out each scenario you are facing.  Turn them over as a quick reminder about a new perspective to bring to the day that will allow you to make the shift to powerful choice. Play the game with others on your team and enhance the levels of spirit energy and energy flow that unleashes slingshot, innovative results.


  • Are you ready to breakthrough team challenges and generate phenomenal results? 

  • Are you ready to be accountable for what holds you back?

  • Are you ready to slingshot past constraining concepts like the glass ceiling and make it irrelevant?


The 7 Business Practices that Kill Innovation


  • Seminar 1:     Scare City

  • Seminar 2:     Copy and Paste:  Everything Old is New Again

  • Seminar 3:     The One-Way Highway

  • Seminar 4:     Addicted to Survival Brain

  • Seminar 5:     Cognitive Cages:  Contain, Constrain and Control

  • Seminar 6:     The Mandatory Martyr

  • Seminar 7:     Death by Distrust

Explore different themes through the chapters, like:


  • What if there was a balance between masculine and feminine forms of power in your workplace? 

  • What if you were treated like a human being, treasured for the gifts and unique insights you bring to any work situation or business problem. 

  • What if you were empowered to support your teams and co-workers and provide learning opportunities for all? 

  • What if you knew how to create constructive work spaces that open up innovative thinking, or even better, a team in flow?





Through her coaching, Sharon’s wisdom and entrepreneurial advice provided new inspiration to drive me to be a stronger more confident entrepreneur and business strategist capable of heading into production and global distribution of our product. Prior to meeting Sharon, I was at an important yet vulnerable position in my business. For 1.5 years I had been making advances with my own initiative, however, I had reached a level in which I required clarity and a surge to advance to the next difficult level.   The insecurities needed to be squashed, if I was to succeed!    After all, "an innovative brain is nothing without the confidence to unleash it!”  Sharon was instrumental in providing clarity that helped to unleash my confidence, build up my incredible perseverance, and enhance my inner strength.  Going to battle with the 'big boys' requires a special confidence, courage and creativity.   


Initiated by her book recommendation of The Queen’s Code by Alison Armstrong, and a new recognition of the masculine and feminine strengths and differences in business, I was able to pivot to a position of empowered strength.   Sharon's shared leadership energy force is highly effective in positioning me to a higher, NO BARRIERS level as she generates fresh energy, confidence and courage! 


Dr. Marien J. Zanyk, Ph. D., W2 Designs,LLC producers of Willow Workout® Freeform Exercise Device


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