Are Complaints Making Choices for You?

January 7, 2018

Listening to that inner voice that has a bit of a whiny tone, I hear yet again, "who made you boss of me?", or "I just want to sleep a little longer", or "thank god it's Friday and I can escape for the weekend".  We need to work to live, but are we living to work instead?   What happens when what we are required to do to make a living, conflicts with what we truly want and need to do?  For me my dreams became lost along the way.  Is this true for you too as it has been for me for many years?


For me, I not only lost my dreams, I buried them so deep I could hardly hear them or dream them anymore.  And at the same time, my dreams kept reaching out to grab my attention..... in the form of complaints in my head.  What was funny was that I wasn't listening, I didn't hear that voice because all of the other voices of people around me seemed to be expressing the same wishes and concerns.  I could hear the same complaints around me and dismiss them as normal.  At the same time, I could congratulate myself for fitting in, being a part of the crowd, just as stressed as everyone around me.  My complaints were guiding my decisions for my life.  I was being a nail......




So, I asked, what if I'm not a nail?  What about you?  Are your complaints making your life choices for you too and keeping you from your dreams? How did I discover this?  Well it all went away.  All of my so called success disappeared in an economic downturn.  Actually in 5 economic downturns.  Finally I stopped listening to the complaints and started to discover what was underneath those complaints in my head.  Why was I chasing my tail and why did the system keep expelling me when I was playing the game to the rules?  The rules were no longer working for me.  So what was next?  


When I started to listen to and uncover the complaints I found my covered up dreams and unmet needs for my life.  I finally started walking the steps to build my dreams.  And, wanted to help others get there faster without the long delays.  The first step is to start listening to the complaints in our heads. I believe our complaints are an early warning system that something is wrong.  Are you doing the same?   What are your complaints covering up in your life?  What dreams are you suppressing, that are trying to get out?  







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