Choosing to Unleash Innovation

March 29, 2018

 Which path will you choose?  Will you use the current business practices on the bottom line or will you walk the top line path instead?  Both are valid choices and both work in business to generate strong business results. 


The choice lies in whether you need to create innovative teams and results or not. 


Read the Preface and Introduction beta version of the book, You're Not a Nail, the 7 Business Practices that Kill Innovation, and start your journey to the new choices possible when you consciously choose to generate innovative thinking and innovative business results! 


Please let me know your thoughts on these two initial sections of the book, so I can update the contents and make them work better for you.


And if you like the information, or want more, watch here for upcoming new chapters or get them all now with the available online seminar series.  I can't wait to see you on the journey.  Start transforming your practices now! 


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