The Power of Responding to Changes

Change is one of the constants in life.  It will always happen.  How we choose to face change impacts the value we receive in return for our life.  Change can happen to us, sometimes in dramatic, unexpected ways.  And sometimes we generate our own changes.  Many can be happy changes like a move or a marriage or having a baby or traveling to a new place on vacation.  And other change can be not so happy.  Either way, change can lead to stress in our lives and we are the only ones who can make change work for us or derail us.


So how do you handle change in your life today?  Do you fear change or embrace it?  Amazingly our survival instincts are still, even in today's day and age, highly active and run our lives by determining our reactions to what faces us.  The instinctive reactions to fear are Fight, Flight or Freeze.  Which is your preferred approach?  When we are under stress, including lifestyle change stress, we react the same way as if the change is life threatening even if it's not. 


And when you handle change from an instinctive reaction, what is the result?  Are any of the results joyful, leading to increased happiness in your life or merely there to provide for your survival?  For most people, the answer is that reacting results in survival only, not happiness.  So what can be done about it all?  We are, after all, human animals and our survival instincts are incredibly valuable to ensure our survival success.  Do we really have any choice at all?


What if we were familiar with our inner survival characters?  What if we knew our reactions and the underlying belief system driving them?  Could we then have a choice to respond to change in different ways?  These are the questions answered in the Interactive Seminar series, called You're Not a Nail, the 7 Business Practices that Kill Innovation.  What we discovered, through practice and clarity in understanding is that it is indeed possible to shift to new responses to change in such a way that generates joyful and fulfilling results. 


It is not easy, but it is possible to shift the tide and respond from a place of spirit energy that empowers us rather than from reactions that dis-empower us.  Are you ready to find out and face your inner survival characters and limiting beliefs?  Enjoy the Interactive Seminar series and play the Game of Choice to gain new insights and options that allow you to face change in new ways and generate more joy in your life as a result!  Join with us and declare #imnotanail.









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