From Knowing to Using in 3D

When you learn or when you teach someone else what are the steps you take?  And how long does it take to get from learning the concepts to leveraging them in your work or life?


In today's day and age, the faster you can get from knowing to using, the more success you will generate in your life and career.  And if you are an instructor, the faster you can share your knowledge and build skills in others, the broader your reach and the more your work and expertise will be known and applied. 


An Interactive Seminar or Seminar Series is different and emulates the youtube/podcast video learning process people use these days to gain new knowledge and skills..... And goes beyond it to making it practical and useful.  The first dimension is gaining the knowledge itself or, if you are the instructor, explaining the knowledge in a way that will get to the point, accelerate the learning and generate engagement from your learners.  This is a series of short, targeted videos you can use to absorb the information being provided.  The second dimension is to take the learning and make it practical and relevant to your specific life and work/career situation.  The third dimension is to apply the learning, and prove it while using it.  The depth and complexity of knowledge can be absorbed quickly in segments that deliver real, tangible use and results in real life so you can move ahead to the next level of learning.


And if you are an instructor, we help you refine your messages, target them and deliver in aha moments that deliver a punch of learning in a short time. 


It's all about refining your messages and Going 4 Value in delivery and absorption.  Try out our first published Interactive Seminar Series called "You're Not a Nail, the 7 Business Practices that Kill Innovation".  Head on over to and take a journey to discover how survival brain is still alive and well in our work and life environments today, and the choices you can make to breakthrough to innovative thinking for the incredibly challenging problems facing us today. 


Are you ready to deliver your knowledge and messages in 3D, or learn in 3D, gaining from the available coaching and tools available to enhance your career and life success?







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From Knowing to Using in 3D

October 16, 2018

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